June 2-4 PM (BRC)


This Class meets according to the following schedule:

Friday, June 2, 6pm – 10pm; Sat/Sun, June 3 & 4, 2pm – 8pm.   The first class  is in the Classroom, Saturday and Sunday will be on the Range.

It is not necessary for participants of the BRC who reside in Kentucky or Indiana to have a valid motorcycle permit, although it is recommended.  Ohio code requires Ohio residents to have their motorcycle permit in order for the class to qualify for a license waiver in Ohio.  Students must wear proper attire when participating in the motorcycle riding portion of the class.  Proper attire includes: long pants, long sleeved shirt, over the ankle boots, full finger gloves, eye protection, helmet and rain gear, as needed.  If you have a helmet, you may use it provided that it is DOT approved and that it offers at least ¾ head coverage.

Class begins promptly at the designated start time.  Your reservation for this class is only valid until the designated start time the first day of class.  If you fail to show by the designated start time, walk-ins may be accepted to fill your spot.  The tuition fee is not refundable.  You are paying for a guaranteed spot in this class.  If you are late, fail to show or complete the class for any reason, you will forfeit your tuition.  If you need to make a change to another class, you must do so at least five (5) full days (holidays and weekends not included) prior to the first class meeting or charges will apply according to the attached FAQ’s.

If you are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must accompany you to the first class to sign the waiver.



Friday, June 2, 6pm – 10pm; Sat/Sun, June 3 & 4, 2pm – 8pm


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