Aug 25, 2024 (TCARC)


This Class meets on Sunday,  Aug 25, 1pm – 9pm

This class is a combination of classroom and range. The range portion of the training is done on our closed range in Walton, KY where each of the skills are individually broken down and practiced.

What It Covers

Cornering technique is the primary focus of the Total Control ARC. Individual skills include corner entry, line selection, body position and corner exit. There are slightly different versions of these depending on the type of bike ridden, but all follow the same philosophical principals that are taught in the course. Throttle control and throttle/brake transitions are also covered in great detail.


All students must provide their own motorcycle or scooter and have at least one year of riding experience. Motorcycle or scooter should be in proper working order, including cooling and charging systems, and a battery that is in good condition. For students with less than two years of experience, it is advised (though not required) that they have completed an MSF ERC or BRC 2 and/or ARC. Protective gear is required for all students, which includes a DOT-approved helmet (full-face recommended), motorcycle jacket and pants, gloves and boots that cover the ankles. Jeans and fingerless gloves are not allowed, but Kevlar jeans will be accepted. Absolutely no race tires, race compound tires or car tires allowed regardless if they are DOT approved.

Class begins promptly at the designated start time.  Your reservation for this class is only valid until the start time of the class.  If you fail to show by  designated start time, walk-ins may be accepted to fill your spot.  The tuition fee is not refundable.  You are paying for a guaranteed spot in this class.  If you are late, fail to show or complete the class for any reason, you will forfeit your tuition.  If you need to make a change to another class, you must do so at least seven (7) full days prior to the first class meeting or charges will apply according to the attached FAQ’s.


Sunday, Aug 25, 1pm – 9pm,  Total Control Level 1 Advanced Riding Clinic 


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