Do I need a motorcycle to take the course?
For the Basic Course, you ride our motorcycle. The motorcycles provided range from 125cc to 300cc.  We also have scooters.  Please request this in the remarks during registration.

Do I need my temps?
For the BasicRider – If you are a resident of Kentucky or Indiana, you do not need your temporary permit in order to take the class.  In order to meet the licensing requirements,  Ohio residents are required to have their temporary permit before taking the on-cycle portion of the class. The Experienced Rider Course – Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana residents are permitted to take the Experienced Rider Course if they have a Learner’s Permit. 

If I live in Ohio or Indiana, is the waiver card still good for my endorsement?
Yes and No.  There is reciprocity for Ohio residents but NOT for Indiana.  We will give you the Kentucky Completion Card and a certification letter (with instructions) addressed to the Ohio Motorcycle Program director.  You will send that letter, your KY card and copies of your Driver’s and Temporary Licenses to the Ohio director who, then, will issue and send your state’s Waiver card directly to you in the mail.  However, you do not need to wait as you can get your endorsement as soon as Ohio puts it into their system, usually within a couple hours.  INDIANA DOES NOT ACCEPT WAIVER CARDS FROM ANY OTHER STATE!  This is a recent, unfortunate development for IN residents.  You can contact your DMV in Indianapolis, your State Representative or the Governor’s Office to inquire.  Call us if you would like names and telephone numbers.

What happens if it rains?
Please show up at the appropriate class time as training is conducted rain or shine.  However, if the weather becomes severe, we will continue activities indoors and then will continue on the range as soon as the weather subsides.  If it becomes apparent that we will not be able to conduct the on-cycle portion, we will reschedule the portion we were unable to complete during the upcoming week (evenings) or other make-up day as agreed by the instructors and students.  We will make every effort to work together to complete the course.

What if I can’t make it to the class for which I’m scheduled?
For the BRC – If you give us at least 5 working days notice, we will reschedule you for another date in the future.   If less than 5 working days notice is given, we cannot guarantee that rescheduling is an option, although we will make every effort to accommodate.  If a replacement is not found, you will be considered a no-show and a refund will not be issued.  This is a licensing class and we are required to follow very strict curriculum and contract requirements.  Currently, the Commonwealth of Kentucky does not permit us to issue any refunds, regardless of reason.
For the BRC2 – No refunds are issued and we cannot reschedule you for another class date in the future. Please make sure you can attend the class before you register for it.

What else do I need?
For the riding portion of the course, you must wear a DOT approved 3/4 or full faced helmet (loaner helmets are available at no charge), eye protection, long pants, boots which cover the ankles, full-fingered gloves, a long sleeve shirt.  Rain gear is optional but the class will be conducted in the rain so, if it rains, you’ll get wet if you don’t have any.

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