Congratulations!  You have registered for The Basic Rider Course at Balance Dynamics Motorcycle Training Center, 142 Mullen Drive, Walton, KY 41094.  Please note your course schedule and the following information:

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time of your class to check-in and complete the required paperwork.  Each day will consist of a combination of classroom and time on the motorcycles so you’ll need to bring your riding gear for each day.  The riding gear includes a DOT approved helmet (no half helmets), eye protection, full-finger gloves, long-sleeve shirt, long pants and sturdy over-the-ankle-footwear (must not be canvas).  If you only have a half helmet or don’t own one, we will provide a helmet for you.  If the weather report calls for a possibility of rain, you may want to consider bringing optional rain gear.  Also, please bring a lunch.  Although we will break, there won’t be time to leave the facility and get back in time.

Class begins promptly at the designated start time.  This is a licensing class and it is mandatory that you are on time.  Your reservation for this class is only valid until the designated start time of the class.  If you fail to show by the designated start time, walk-ins may be accepted to fill your spot.  The tuition fee is not refundable.  You have paid for a guaranteed spot in this class.  If you are late, fail to show or complete the class for any reason, you will forfeit your tuition.  If you are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must accompany you to the first class to sign the waiver or call us to make other arrangements.  Ohio code requires that Ohio residents have the motorcycle temporary permit in order for the class to qualify for a license waiver in Ohio.

We’re looking forward to working with you.  Plan to have some fun.  Thanks for your interest in training with us and don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.

1.) Feeling HOT, WET, HUNGRY! – Dress appropriately for the ride and the weather!  We normally conduct 2 range exercises then take a short break.  We have built in time for a short lunch break but not enough time to leave the facility, get food and get back in time for the rest of the class.  The idea is that you bring your lunch with you to class.  We have no room in our little fridge to keep your items cold, so a small lunch box may be appropriate.  We have soda, bottled water and junk food snacks for sale at the facility.

2.)  Get in GEAR! = What motorcycle gear do you need to bring?

                Helmet – We provide open face helmets.  If you have a full-face or open-face helmet, bring it with you because chances are you bought it because it fits you.  Half helmets, aka “brain buckets,” are not acceptable.

                Gloves – The gloves must be full-finger gloves, no exceptions.  Motorcycle gloves are great but not required.  “Mechanix” or similar inexpensive work gloves work well and can be purchased at a department store. Latex gloves like dish washing gloves are unacceptable.  No gloves = no riding

                 Eye Protection – Safety, sun and prescription glasses are all acceptable this weekend.  If you are going to be wearing a full-face helmet then you are not required to wear eye protection as long as your face shield is down.  Another option is the full-face helmet with glasses (or the built-in sun visor that some brands have in their helmet), which allows you to ride with your shield up and get some circulation going in the helmet.

                Long Sleeves – You must wear something that covers the entirety of your arms.  Textile riding jackets or leather jackets are not required.  No long sleeves = No riding

                Long Pants – While your friends may compliment you on your great legs, we are going to ask you to wear long pants (not capris) to the class so you can continue to get those great compliments after this weekend.  Most people wear denim jeans to the class.  If you have a pair of hiking pants (made with more breathable material then denim), then wear those instead.  As long as their long pants, you should be good.  Please do not wear track pants or leggings to the class.  They maybe more comfortable, but in the event that you have an accident and go down with the bike; I would feel bad if you ripped the track pants/leggings to a degree that now you are exposing too much of yourself and would not be able to continue.  Also, your long pants cannot have holes in them, whether they are an old pair of pants or expensive designer pants.  If you show up with holes in your pants; you will have to cover the holes with strips of duct tape that we have or you will be not be able to participate…….safety first, style/looks second.

                Footwear – To participate in this class, you MUST wear over-the-ankle footwear; no exceptions. This means the shoe material must go cover your ankle bone (not halfway over but entirely over the ankle). Some of the smallest bones in our bodies are in our ankles so we want to make sure they are protected. The Chuck Taylors made by Converse are not acceptable.  Also, please stay away from the riding boots with a higher heel than normal.  Those types of boots are great for passengers but not when you are trying to operate the controls.  For inexperienced riders, steel-toed boots may not be the best choice because you will not be able to feel the gears change when operating shift lever.  Some acceptable footwear would be hiking shoes/boots, high-top basketball shoes, boots with a low heel.  If you do not have something like that, you can find reasonably priced footwear at department stores. No Over-The-Ankle footwear = No riding

                Rain Gear – Rain gear is optional but desirable if it’s going to rain.  We will not ride during an active thunderstorm  but we will ride when it passes or during a rain shower.  So, if you don’t have rain gear, plan on getting wet, in which case, you may want to bring a change of dry clothes.

Don’t worry, Be HAPPY!   The last thing to consider……. attend the class with a positive disposition and an open mind toward new concepts/ideas regarding motorcycling. I find new and experienced riders have preconceived notions when they first arrive. We are here to be safe, HAVE A FUN TIME, and learn to properly and effectively operate a motorcycle.

Please don’t hesitate to call us at 859-485-2925 if you have questions.

Balance Dynamics Motorcycle Training Center                                                                                        (859) 485-2925


  1. What if I am late for class? It is your responsibility to be on time for all class sessions.  The MSF curriculum and the state requires that you be present for all components of the course and you may not miss any portion of the training.  Your class reservation is only held until the start time of the class session. If you are not present at the designated start time of the class, you forfeit your seat in the class and it may be awarded to a “stand-by” student who may be present.  No refund or free replacement class will be given if you miss the start of the class.
  2. What if I have an emergency and can’t finish the course?  As per the MSF curriculum requirements, no portion of the training can be missed or skipped.  If you cannot finish the course during the scheduled days/times, you will be considered to have “dropped” the course.  You will not be given a refund or free class.  If you would like to complete the training, you will have to re-register, pay and start over.
  3. What if I am dismissed from class? If it is determined that a student’s safety or the safety of the class is at risk, the student must be dismissed by the Rider Coaches.  If you are dismissed from class, you are considered to have failed the course and there is no refund offered.  You can pay to re-take the course at the same location or any other location offering the MSF Basic Rider Course, or you may choose to make arrangements for private training.  Private training is offered at Balance Dynamics at an additional cost.
  4. What if I need to cancel my reservation?The state does not allow refunds.
  5.  What if I need to change to another class date?  If you need to change class dates more than 1 full week days prior to the start of your classroom session, the change will be accommodated if possible and at no charge.  If notice of less than 1 week is given, a change to a later class can only be accommodated if your seat in the class is filled by another student and a processing fee of $50 is paid.  Once a change is made, it is solely your responsibility to show up on the new class date.
  6. What about Rain delays?  We run the class rain or shine.  However, we won’t ride during an active thunderstorm.  The schedule allows for some down time due to weather; however, extra time is sometimes needed to complete the class if bad weather persists during the class hours.  We will make every effort to complete the class during the time scheduled but please understand if extra time is needed for reasons out of our control.

BDMTC – Walton is located at 142 Mullen Drive, Walton, KY 41094 in the North Walton Commerce Park off Hwy 16, just North of Walton, KY.

Directions From the North:   Take I-75 S to KY-338 exit (#175).  Turn LEFT onto RICHWOOD DR/KY-338, go 0.3 miles.  Turn RIGHT onto DIXIE HWY/US-25, go 2.5 miles.  Turn RIGHT onto KY-16/WALTON NICHOLSON PIKE. Continue to follow KY-16, go 0.4 miles.  Turn RIGHT at first street onto Mullen Drive.  BDMTC on left.

Directions From the South:  Take 1-75 N to KY-14/KY-16 exit (#171). Turn RIGHT onto MARY GRUBBS / KY-16 / KY-14. Go 0.6 miles, Turn left at the intersection where KY-16 and KY-25 join. Continue to follow KY-16 through Walton, go 1.8 miles.  Turn LEFT onto KY-16/WALTON NICHOLSON PK. Continue to follow KY-16, go 0.4 miles.  Turn RIGHT at first street onto Mullen Drive.  BDMTC on left.

Additional information is available on our website at  We look forward to seeing you in the class.  Please call us if you have any questions.